Sea Ice in the Arctic Paleoenvironments

  • Leonid P. BobylevEmail author
  • Martin W. Miles
Part of the Springer Polar Sciences book series (SPPS)

In this chapter we consider the long-term natural variability and changes in Arctic sea ice, based on evidence from reconstructions using paleoenvironmental proxy records and historical records. Sea-ice reconstructions provide a long-term paleo perspective for understanding the changes in sea ice observed in the most recent decades. Here we provide an overview of past variability and changes in Arctic sea ice spanning a range of climate regimes, including previous periods when the climate was as warm or wamer than present day – possible analogs for the future of the Arctic sea-ice cover. Section 2.1 provides an overview of the geological time scales of Arctic paleoenvironments. Section 2.2 summarizes the diverse types of proxies and methods for reconstructing past sea-ice conditions, based on paleoenvironmental records, primarily marine sediment cores retrieved from the shelves and the deep sea. Section 2.3summarizes knowledge on Arctic sea ice in the distant geologic past, namely...


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