Fever, Headache and Photophobia

  • Crescent Darius Cossou-gbeto
  • Leila Dangou
  • Medeton Grâce Hounkpe
  • Josephiel Fortunato


The complement system has three activation pathways: the classical pathway, the mannose pathway, and the alternate pathway

Repeated occurrence of bacterial meningitis is associated with deficiency of common terminal pathway components: C5-C9, and properdin

Mannose-binding lectin deficits are associated with a broad spectrum of microorganisms

Plasma half-life of most complement products is short, preventing effective infectious prevention by replacement therapy

Acquired complement deficiencies can appear due to excessive consumption, as in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), decreased hepatic production, and less commonly loss in urine in severe chronic kidney disease or presence of auto-antibodies

Primary assay for detection of complement deficiencies should entail CH50, AP50, C3 and C4 measurement


Complement system Classical pathway Mannose pathway Alternate pathway CH50 


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