A Study of Museum Experience Evaluation from the Perspective of Visitors’ Behavior

  • Shuangji Liu
  • Yongzhong YangEmail author
  • Mohsin Shafi
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1002)


Museums are attractive learning, tourism, leisure and entertainment destinations, and visiting a museum has become a way of life for many peoples. Both visitors and museum officials are increasingly concerned with the experience. This paper constructs and empirically tests a museum experience evaluation model from the perspective of visitors’ behavior. Based on the first-hand information obtained from network questionnaire, the research findings are as follows: (1) The visiting behaviors of “ants” and “grasshoppers” have significant influence on the learning experience and aesthetic experience, “Butterfly” and “fish” style visiting behavior have significant influence on entertainment experience; (2) All four kinds of visiting behaviors have significant influence on content generation, Ant-like visiting behavior has significant influence on content enhancement. This paper discusses the conclusions of the research, the main theoretical contributions and the implications for museum management, the next step of the research is prospected.


Visitor behavior Museum experience Experience evaluation Content enhancement 



We gratefully acknowledge the research support received from the Key Project of the National Social Science Fund (18AGL024).


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