Odontogenic Causes of Sinus Infections



The best terminology to use to describe such situations is “odontogenic sinusitis” (OS) or “maxillary sinusitis of dental origin.” Whilst dental surgical components or implanted materials may have an impact on the maxillary sinuses, this seldom causes sinusitis to occur. OS accounts for between 10 and 40% of all maxillary sinusitis (MS), and when unilateral accounts for 75% of the cases. There are a number of ways in which the sinus membrane may be impinged upon: the teeth at the back of the mouth near the maxillary sinus may become infected, lesions may spread from the teeth or jaws, and there may be traumatic injury to the sinus arising from dental surgery, the complications thereof, or maxillofacial procedures. Since the upper teeth are in such close proximity, anatomically speaking, to the maxillary sinus, infections arising in the root or surrounding gum may easily spread to the maxillary sinus. The interposed space between the apices of the roots and the sinus itself varies between consisting of a membrane alone and having a bony barrier of 12 mm thickness. If there is an osteomyelitic infection in the maxilla, if periapical cysts develop, if root canal surgery results in insult to the sinusal membrane, if root canals overspill filling material, which then enters the sinus, if dental implants are not sited correctly, if a sinus lift goes wrong, or if fistulous communication develops between the sinus and oral cavity following dental extractions—in all these cases MS may be the consequence.


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