Enhancement of Two-Phase Flow Using EHD Technique

  • Sujoy Kumar Saha
  • Hrishiraj Ranjan
  • Madhu Sruthi Emani
  • Anand Kumar Bharti
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The heat transfer augmentation in two-phase flow using EHD technique is presented in this chapter. The concepts of vapour space condensation, in-tube condensation, falling film evaporation, pool boiling, critical heat flux and convective vaporization with EHD technique are thoroughly elaborated.


Vapour space condensation In-tube condensation Falling film evaporation Pool boiling Critical heat flux Convective vaporization 


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  • Sujoy Kumar Saha
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  • Hrishiraj Ranjan
    • 1
  • Madhu Sruthi Emani
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  • Anand Kumar Bharti
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  1. 1.Mechanical Engineering DepartmentIndian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, ShibpurHowrahIndia

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