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Tiger of the Sea

  • Steven Adolf


Africa had its rhinos and elephants, Asia its tigers and Europe its bluefin tuna. Three unique, endangered species which, at the beginning of the century were pursued by merciless poachers bent on quick profit. With one important difference: the bluefin tuna was being fished from under our noses with little ado. A collective of research journalists estimated that 4 billion dollars’ worth of illegally fished bluefin tuna disappeared from Mediterranean waters between 1998 and 2007 [254]. During the top years of the big tuna pillage, half of bluefin tuna arrived on the global market illegally. Yet the tide of attention for the fate of bluefin tuna was turning. It may not have reached the level of that for seals or whales, but tuna had suddenly advanced to the vanguard of concern for the decline of the marine environment.


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