Morality in History, Theory, and Practice

  • Thomas Nemeth


We continue in this chapter our elucidation of Solov’ëv’s major ethical treatise the Justification of the Moral Good. In its central chapters, Solov’ëv considered utilitarianism as well as Kant’s ethical theory. Although highly critical of the former, he demonstrated decided affinities with the latter despite its theoretical rejection of metaphysics as knowledge and its acceptance of God’s existence as a mere postulate of practical reason. The natural feeling of respect or piety reveals the existence of God. One cannot respect the object of a mere postulate. A major concern in the Justification is with social morality through history. Solov’ëv, contrary to some theories in his time, recognized the role of the individual in history. But the central thrust of his remarks is to reveal the development of human moral consciousness over historical time.


Utilitarianism Absolute moral principle Kant Nationalism Criminality Law Natural rights 


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