Facial Recognition on Cloud for Android Based Wearable Devices

  • Zeeshan ShaukatEmail author
  • Chuangbai Xiao
  • M. Saqlain Aslam
  • Qurat ul Ain Farooq
  • Sara Aiman
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 973)


Facial recognition applications for Android Based Wearable Devices (ABWD) can benefit from cloud computing as they become easy to acquire and widely available. There are several applications of facial recognition in terms of assistance, guidance, security and so on. We can greatly reduce the processing time by executing the facial recognition application on cloud, and clients will not have to store the big data for the image verification on their local machine (mobile phones, pc’s etc.). Comparing to the cost of acquiring an equally strong server machine, cloud computing increases the storage and processing power with very less cost. In this research plan is to enhance the user experience of augmented display on android based wearable devices, and for doing that, this system is being proposed in which a person wearing Android based smart glasses will send an image of an object to Hadoop (open-source software for scalable, reliable, distributed computing) powered cloud server. Facial Recognition Application on cloud server will recognize the face from already present database on server and then respond results to Android Based Wearable client devices. Then android based wearable smart devices will display the detail result in form of augmented display to the person wearing them. By transferring the process of facial recognition and having the database on cloud server, multiple clients no longer need to maintain their local databases and the device will require less processing power which results in reduction of cost and processing time.


Keywords facial recognition Android Wearable devices Cloud computing Augmented reality 


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  • Chuangbai Xiao
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  • M. Saqlain Aslam
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  • Qurat ul Ain Farooq
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  • Sara Aiman
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