Industrial Design Participation in Project/Matrix Management

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Team management often referred to as concurrent design/engineering and matrix management is now embracing this practice as a proven methodology. Empowerment, the main ingredient is given to the team to make decisions collectively, thus eliminating total approval from the next level of management. Allowing the team to make decisions minimizes delays and moves the product to market faster. The industrial designer’s role in team management is different from most other members in that they are dealing with an area that is often viewed as subjective. Most businesses are not acutely aware of the importance of design. Industrial designers are often considered to be just visual people and not actually concerned with practical elements. On the contrary, the industrial designer is very practical, their problem-solving methods and a holistic view is a tremendous asset in business today, especially in design thinking. Design cannot be avoided, no matter what the company or organization produces.


Organizational Virtual Management 


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