The Application of the Performance Hand Wear and Tools Innovation Approach: Road Cycling Gloves

  • Susan L. SokolowskiEmail author
  • Christel Thue Hoegsted
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 968)


Over the last twenty years, the apparel industry has modernized the design process, by integrating digital design tools and technologies to collect and analyze body measurements, draft patterns, conduct fittings and manufacture. However, for performance hand wear and tool design, many of the methods used today are outdated and limit innovation opportunities. By integrating digital design tools from the apparel industry, there is an opportunity to develop products, to improve fit, performance and safety. This is especially important for users that rely on products for hand protection and accuracy, including, athletes, military personal, surgeons, construction and fire service workers. The following paper demonstrates how a performance hand wear and tools innovation approach developed by the author, was used by a graduate student to create a new glove for road cycling. Future work using the approach will aid in designing products for other users and help manufacturers improve safety and overall performance.


Innovation approach Hand wear Tools Design Road cycling gloves 


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