Use of Prefabricated Dosage Forms in Extemporaneous Compounding

  • Michalakis Savva


Extemporaneous drug compounding as the best option and most of the times the only option available to provide medicine to patients with special needs is discussed in this chapter with creative calculations implicated in the preparation of commonly compounded dosage forms such as suspensions, powders, capsules, and suppositories.


Compounding Extemporaneous Prefabricated dosage forms Tablets Capsules 

Supplementary material

Lesson 9.1

Extemporaneous compounding from prefabricated dosage forms. Description: (a) Explain the methods by which solid, liquid, and semiliquid products can be prepared from prefabricated dosage forms. (b) Carry out calculations relevant to the use of prefabricated products in extemporaneous compounding (MP4 625836 kb)

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