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Management of Local-Regional Anal Cancer Recurrence

  • Shilpa S. Murthy
  • Elin R. Sigurdson


Anal cancer, a rare gastrointestinal disease, accounts for 1–2.5% of gastrointestinal cancers. Primary treatment is chemoradiation. Ten to 30% of patients experience local relapse, and salvage surgery is a second line of treatment for these patients. Wide local excision, abdominoperineal resection, pelvic exenteration with or without sacrectomy, and inguinal node dissection are all surgical options. In this chapter, we review the management and treatment options for patients who are initially treated with chemoradiation and experience local-regional recurrence of the disease.


Locoregional failure Recurrent anal cancer Salvage surgery Abdominoperineal resection Pelvic exoneration Inguinal node dissection Surgery for metastatic disease Salvage chemoradiation 





Abdominoperineal resection


Highly active antiretroviral therapy


Human immunodeficiency virus


Human papillomavirus


Magnetic resonance imaging


Squamous cell carcinoma


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  • Elin R. Sigurdson
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