The Eye as a Window to the World

  • Paul A. Moore


Because of the central role that vision plays in our daily lives, we have developed an artistic and spiritual connection to our eyes. Such concepts as “eyes are the windows to the soul—English Proverb” or “Poets are damned… but see with the eyes of angels - Allen Ginsberg.” Deeply emotional attachments are linked through the world by the eyes that allow us to experience life visually. One can stare deeply into the eyes of a loved one. We can flirt with our eyes or we can emote an everlasting kinship when good friends say goodbye. People’s intentions can be “told” with their eyes whether intention is disapproval by throwing shade or empathetic connection by a soulful stare. Between these two extremes, we find that we can smile with our eyes and give approving looks, or with an intense glare, we can flash red hot anger. These are just a few examples that demonstrate the importance that we attach to vision in our daily lives. It is not a stretch to conclude that vision is our primary sense and plays a predominant role in developing our umwelt.

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