I Can See for Miles and Miles and Miles

  • Paul A. Moore


In unfamiliar areas like new cities, using my phone as a GPS is an excellent way to get directions to my destination. Although I prefer my tried and true strategy of landmark navigation to orient myself, this mode of navigation by GPS requires either knowledge of the names of the local roads or clearly marked signage. As my GPS calls out the distance to and name of the next turn, I can get ready by searching the road signs for names. When traveling by car, there is a significant advantage gained by reading and seeing a sign far enough in advance so that any adjustments in speed or lane can be safely made. However, this process was much easier when I was younger when my eyesight was much better. Certainly, the acuity of my distance vision has decreased with age. The ability to detect differences at a distance is called visual acuity. To compensate for this loss in visual abilities, I wear glasses that help improve my ability to detect and read words from a distance.

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