The Pollinator’s Garden

  • Paul A. Moore


The fall colors of deciduous trees are quite beautiful, but pale in comparison to the dazzling colors of a fall garden. Asters provide a range of pastel blues, pinks, and purples to offset the orange and red of the oaks and maples. Mums, which always reminded me of colorful moss-covered rocks, pop up across gardens and decks. The yellows and whites add a little brightness to the seasonal colors. The lilies are standing tall with speckled purple and white flowers. Goldenrods remind us of the last warm sunny days. The purple and red sages blend in nicely with the turning leaves. These late blooming flowers do more than simply supply our eyes with additional color for our homes and gardens. The fall serves as the last time of the year for insect pollinators to gather up pollen and nectar for the creation of honey.

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