Better Lies Through Chemistry

  • Paul A. Moore


In the 2009 dark comedy The Invention of Lying, the main character, Mark Bellison, played by Ricky Gervais, lives in a world where everyone tells the truth. Everything from deception to little white lies is absent from the world, and the absolute truth dominates advertising, conversations, and relationships. In a world such as this, even fantasy tales, books, and make-believe movie scripts are missing. Honest conversations about sensitive subjects are an everyday occurrence. Although the audience members would probably view these conversations as quite awkward, the actors just simply accept such cases as how the world works. In a moment of intellectual brilliance, Mark Bellison invents a lie. Needing money to pay his back rent, the character tells the teller that he has more money in the account than he really does. When his stated amount is checked against what the computer reports, a conflict arises in the teller’s mind. Since lying doesn’t exist, she believes the computer is wrong and gives Mark the extra money. As the movie progresses, the scope of his lying increases and eventually, as one would predict in a cinematic universe, gets out of hand.

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