The Fate of the Young Generation and the Legacy of Criterion

  • Cristina A. Bejan
Part of the Modernity, Memory and Identity in South-East Europe book series (MOMEIDSEE)


In this chapter, Bejan traces the fates of the members of the Young Generation after WWII and the installation of communism in Romania. After examining those who escaped and had successful careers in exile (Eliade, Cioran and Ionesco), the chapter uncovers the diverse destinies of those left behind in Romania (Vulcănescu, Sebastian, Comarnescu, Tudor, Stancu, Noica and Sadova). The chapter explores what the Criterionists wrote about Criterion in their memoirs and correspondence. Then, the initial thesis question is considered, and the chapter addresses some general reasons fascism appealed to the Young Generation. Finally, this chapter states that the book can be a contribution to better understanding the complicated secrets of the intellectuals of Romania’s Golden Era.

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  • Cristina A. Bejan
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