The Criterion Association of Arts, Literature and Philosophy: Beginnings and Birth in Bucharest, 1932

  • Cristina A. Bejan
Part of the Modernity, Memory and Identity in South-East Europe book series (MOMEIDSEE)


Bejan examines the immediate precedent factors to the creation of the Criterion Association: the social atmosphere in Bucharest (both positive and negative sides, and the friend/enemy dichotomy representative of many friendships between Criterionists), previous cultural groups that held conferences and a thorough examination of the Forum Group, which many consider to be the same organization as Criterion. The chapter explains the distinct difference between Forum and Criterion and the reason for the confusion. Comarnescu and others felt the need to set up an intellectual trade union and in the summer of 1932 invited Criterion’s first members. Bejan then explains the sections (e.g. Philosophy, Letters, Visual Arts) and organizational framework of the association, which operated by democratic vote.

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  • Cristina A. Bejan
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