• Cristina A. Bejan
Part of the Modernity, Memory and Identity in South-East Europe book series (MOMEIDSEE)


Bejan introduces the ethnically and religiously diverse, politically varied core group of the Young Generation and presents this book’s place within the existing literature. This chapter outlines some notable cases of intellectuals flirting with fascism and explains how this case of Romanian intellectuals is an example of the overlap of fascism and modernism. Bejan examines how the Criterion Association was a way of bringing the philosophy of the Young Generation to the streets, what Antonesei terms ‘a model of cultural action.’ The introduction considers the political reality of interwar Romania, including the instability of the constitutional monarchy. Bejan explains the formation of Greater Romania following World War I, the widespread anti-Semitism and Corneliu Zelea Codreanu’s founding of the Legionary Movement and the paramilitary wing, the Iron Guard.

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