Kinematic Design and Topological Characteristics of a nT1R-type Reconfigurable Parallel Mechanism

  • Huiping ShenEmail author
  • Yingchun Zhao
  • Guanglei Wu
  • Ke Xu
Conference paper
Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 73)


In this paper, a new three-degree-of-freedom (3-DOF) reconfigurable spatial parallel mecha-nism(PM), i.e., RPa3R-R+RSS, is proposed based on the position and orientation characteristic (POC) equation.Then, the output motion characteristics of the PM is analyzed, which shows that the moving platform can produce n-translation and one-rotation motion, called nT1R, where n=2 or n=3. The axis of the rotation motion could be parallel to one of the three coordinate axes x,y and z via its reconfigu-rable moving platform. The parasitic translation can be eliminated when the rotation is around x-axis. Moreover, the degree of freedom and coupling degree of the PM are also calculated.


parallel mechanism type synthesis reconfigurable mechanism parasitic motion 


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  • Yingchun Zhao
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  • Guanglei Wu
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  • Ke Xu
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  2. 2.Dalian University of TechnologyDalianChina

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