Key Features of the Coupled Hand-operated Balanced Manipulator (HOBM) and Lightweight Robot (LWR)

  • Yang Zhang
  • Vigen ArakelianEmail author
  • Baptiste Véron
  • Damien Chablat
Conference paper
Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 73)


The paper deals with coupled systems including hand-operated balanced manipulators and lightweight robots. The aim of such a cooperation is to displace heavy payloads with less powerful robots. In other term, in the coupled system for handling of heavy payloads by a hand-operated balanced manipulator (HOBM) an operator is replaced by a lightweight robot (LWR). The advantages of the coupled HOBM and LWR are disclosed and the optimal design of the cooperative workspace is discussed. Behavior of the coupled system in a static mode when the velocities the HOBM are limited does not present any special problems. In this mode, the inertial forces are significantly lower than the gravitational one. The payload is completely balanced by the HOBM and the LWR assumes the prescribed displacements with low load. However, in a dynamic mode, the HOBM with massive links creates additional loads on the LWR, which can be significant. The present study considers a method for determination of inertia effects of the HOBM on the LWR. The given numerical simulations show the significant increasing of the input torques due to the inertia forces of the HOBM. Behavior of the HOBM with cable lift and the LWR is also examined.


Handling of heavy payloads hand-operated balanced manipulator gravity balancing lightweight robot dynamic behavior 


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  • Vigen Arakelian
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  • Baptiste Véron
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  • Damien Chablat
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  2. 2.Mecaproce / INSA-RennesRennesFrance
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