ZDZISŁAW PARSZEWSKI (1924 -1999) - PROFESSOR OF TWO UNIVERSITIES Technical University of Lodz, Poland and Technical University of Melbourne, Australia. Member and President of The Technical Committe of Rotordynamics IFToMM.

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Zdzisław Parszewski, professor at the Technical University of Lodz, belonged to those researchers whose activities contributed to the development of TMM, as a scientific discipline in Poland. In May 2019 will be the 55th anniversary of establishing the Department of Theory of Mechanisms and Machines headed by prof. Parszewski at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Before that, for 10 years TMM and Mechanical Vibrations were taught by Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as a subject.

The main field of scientific activity of Professor Zdzisław Parszewski was the dynamics of the rotary machines, in particular the testing of parameters of slide bearings of turbo-generators. In June 1965, the 5th National Conference of TMM in Lodz was organized, attended by scholars from several European countries.

The 2nd World Congress TMM in Zakopane on September 27th, 1969 was the most important scientific event mobilizing everyone at the Faculty. It was a major scientific and organizational event of Professor Oderfeld and His Team from the Warsaw Technical University and the Polish TMM Committee. Professor Parszewski was then one of the founders of the World Federation. The fact that IFToMM was appointed at this Congress raised the rank of this scientific forum.

In 1970, the TMM Department was transformed into a TMM Team at the Institute of Applied Mechanics. The team was led by Professor Z. Parszewski until 1980 when he was appointed as a Professor of the Technical University of Melbourne in Australia. … he was entrusted with organizing a Section of Dynamics and Vibration equivalent to our Department in Łódź. A research laboratory for the dynamics of rotating machines was created there, as well as Vibrations labs, as well as a separate Laboratory of Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms. He headed the Section of Dynamics and Vibration until he retired. In 1989, prof. Z. Parszewski retired, and the University appoints him Honorary Professor of the University of Melbourne, which was one of the few cases in the history of this school. Professor Zdzisław Parszewski died on May 16, 1999 in Melbourne.


ZDZISŁAW PARSZEWSKI Technical University of Lodz Technical University of Melbourne President of The Technical Committe of Rotordynamics IFToMM TMM in Poland 


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