On Conferences of the Machine and Mechanism Science of the Polish Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

  • Józef WojnarowskiEmail author
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Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 73)


In the course of the past sixty years of the Polish Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (PC TMM) 26 scientific and didactic conferences and five ceremonial sessions have been held. The subject matter of these conferences, generally organized every two years, comprised problems of the classification, analysis and synthesis of mechanisms, the dynamics of machine systems, investigations concerning self-excited vibrations, the stability of the systems, the control of machines and biomechanics. The numbers of submitted papers as well as the number of participants justify the need of organizing such conferences, their importance and the activity of the Polish Committee of TMM for the purpose of creating a platform for the presentation and discussion and mechatronics.


Scientific Conferences on TMM First Polish Committee TMM 15th World Congress in 2019 ceremonial sessions Oderfeld 100th birthday anniversary 


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