Nonlinear Supersymmetry as a Hidden Symmetry

  • Mikhail S. PlyushchayEmail author
Part of the CRM Series in Mathematical Physics book series (CRM)


Nonlinear supersymmetry is characterized by supercharges to be higher order in bosonic momenta of a system, and thus has a nature of a hidden symmetry. We review some aspects of nonlinear supersymmetry and related to it exotic supersymmetry and nonlinear superconformal symmetry. Examples of reflectionless, finite-gap and perfectly invisible \(\mathcal {P}\mathcal {T}\)-symmetric zero-gap systems, as well as rational deformations of the quantum harmonic oscillator and conformal mechanics, are considered, in which such symmetries are realized.


Hidden symmetry Exotic supersymmetry Nonlinear superconformal symmetry Reflectionless and finite-gap systems Perfect invisibility 



Financial support from research projects Convenio Marco Universidades del Estado (Project USA1555) and FONDECYT Project 1190842, Chile, and MINECO (Project MTM2014-57129-C2-1-P), Spain, is acknowledged.


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