Quasi-Integrability and Some Aspects of SU(3) Toda Field Theory

  • Wojtek ZakrzewskiEmail author
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In this talk I discuss results of our recent paper in which we have studied various properties of solitonic solutions of deformed SU(3) Toda field theories in (1 + 1) dimensions. The aim of that work was to check whether the results of scattering of such solitons supported our ideas on quasi-integrability. The deformations we considered preserved the symmetries which for other models were sufficient to guarantee their quasi-integrability. The results of our simulations had indeed led to the expected results, thus broadening the class of models which are quasi-integrable.

The simulations had also found some interesting properties of the scattering (like the interesting dependence of the interaction between solitons being related to the sign of the deformation). In this talk we also present some recently found understanding of this behaviour based on the collective coordinate approximation to the description of the scattering of such solitons.


Solitons Nonlinear Integrability Quasi-integrability Toda field theories Collective coordinates Evolution of solitons Deformations of Lagrangians 



This talk was delivered at the 6th International Workshop on New Challenges in Quantum Mechanics: Integrability and Supersymmetry, which was held in Valladolid, Spain, 27–30 June 2017. I would like to thank Prof. L.M. Nieto for inviting me to this very interesting and well organised meeting and for the hospitality in Valladolid.


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