Future Directions in Self-healing

  • Xinfei Guo
  • Mircea R. Stan


The evolution of CMOS technology and the increased market pressures have set stricter reliability requirements when designing integrated circuits. As one of the dominant unreliability sources, wearout needs to be addressed in a more efficient and effective way. This book has introduced one promising approach which can reverse the effect of wearout through active accelerated recovery techniques. Even if our focus has been mainly on digital CMOS circuits, we believe that similar methods can also be applied to new emerging technologies and can be integrated with the proposed wearout mitigation infrastructure. In this chapter, we preview several such directions that are inspired by self-healing. We believe that instrumenting recovery can be an effective design dimension for securing resilience of future electronic systems.


Emerging devices Self-learning EDA Dynamic wearout management 


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  • Mircea R. Stan
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