Going Forward: Future Imaginaries

  • Hugh Donald ForbesEmail author
Part of the Recovering Political Philosophy book series (REPOPH)


Canada, without being fully aware of what a multicultural future holds for it, is committed to such a future. All that can now be determined with any confidence is the general tendency of the changes already under way and an imagined destination. The meaning of its commitment can be clarified, however, by imagining some new policies that would clearly express the defining values of multiculturalism. This chapter outlines five relatively feasible practical changes that would enhance Canada’s reputation as the country on the leading edge of multicultural policy-making. The new “best practices” would have to do with public education, the control of the modern print and electronic media, official languages, foreign policy, and public safety. The chapter concludes with a brief account of the political situation in Quebec and an explanation of how it could be used to advance evidence-based multicultural policy-making.

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