How Do I Use Profiles?

  • Alex McConahay
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This chapter is about the two kinds of profiles you will encounter: user profile and equipment profile. In both cases, a “profile” is a collection of information. “user” Profiles describe the user, his or her location, and a few other preferences. “Equipment” profiles describe the many devices and preferences for the use of equipment, software, and other things that SGP needs to manage a session. These profiles eliminate retyping this information before each session. One night, you may be at your home observatory, using narrowband. Your “home” user profile and “narrowband-OBS” equipment profile know to use that location and equipment, and tell the sequencer. That weekend you take that same computer and your portable imaging rig to the desert and your favorite dark-sky campsite. You have different equipment, location, and priorities. So, you change to your “desert” user profile and “DSLR-G11-Televue” equipment profile faster than Superman can find a phone booth.

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