Garuda Indonesia: A Turbulent Journey to Global Expansion

  • Farrah Almira Ali


Despite Indonesia’s popularity as a tropical holiday destination, the past decade has been marked by episodes of plane crashes (though ranking low among traffic incidents), natural disasters, incidents and protest rallies driven by the country’s political instability, as well as terror attacks claimed by Islamic extremist groups. As the flag carrier of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia’s vision was to become “a strong distinguished airline through providing quality services to serve people and goods around the world with Indonesian hospitality.” Garuda has made it its mission to promote Indonesia to the international society and to support national economic development by delivering professional air travel services. Although Garuda is perceived as the nation’s pride and the most trustworthy airline by the Indonesians, perceptions from the past and recent incidents lingered in the minds of travelers, especially Europeans. Foreign travelers tend to be skeptical and more reluctant to choose Garuda over national or regional airlines. One of Garuda’s main challenges as an emerging market multinational is to overcome negative perceptions that can undermine its brand.


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