Characterization of Si Detectors

  • Ajay Kumar Srivastava


The LHC (LARGE HADRON COLLIDER) at CERN, Geneva is one of the prestigious High-Energy physics (HEP) collider experiment. The LHC (pp Collider, 14 TeV, 25 ns bunch spacing) is foreseen to be upgraded to HL-LHC , where the luminosity increases of up to ten times i.e., 1035 cm−2 s−1 [1, 2]. At HL-LHC up to 400 interactions per bunch crossing are expected. This causes a major increase in track density, requiring for intermediate and larger radii smaller detection elements with higher granularity than the present the CMS silicon tracker. The radiation damage effects in the Si sensors at HL-LHC will be more challenging to cope with such hostile radiation environment therefore the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiments will require a new CMS tracking detectors in the phase 2 upgrade (2026) of the HL-LHC.


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