Penetration of Electromagnetic Wave Through EMI Gasketed Seam

  • George M. Kunkel


The penetration of an electromagnetic wave through an EMI gasketed seam is presented. The presentation uses the surface current density (generated by a wave impinged on the barrier) and the transfer impedance of the EMI gasketed seam to predict the value of the E and H fields at any distance from the seam. An example using a high intensity field (field strength of 3770 volts/meter) that penetrates a gasketed seam. The result is the value of the E and H fields which are impinged on a printed circuit card inside an electronic system.


Electromagnetic wave EM wave Current density Transfer impedance Wave generation E field shielding H field shielding Shielding theory Shielding practice Displacement current Seam penetration 


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  • George M. Kunkel
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  1. 1.Spira Manufacturing CorporationSan FernandoUSA

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