Penetration of Electromagnetic Wave Through Shielding Barrier

  • George M. Kunkel


The penetration of an electromagnetic wave into and through a shielding barrier (as proven by test) is presented. This presentation consists of (1) coupling of the current in an electromagnetic wave onto the barrier; (2) the attenuation of the wave due to skin effect as the wave penetrates the barrier; and (3) the value of the E and H fields that leave the barrier. An example is presented that describes in detail the steps required to predict the attenuation of a wave through a barrier. An equation is provided that yields the power of a wave leaving the barrier at any distance from the barrier. A method of obtaining the shielding effectiveness of the barrier in terms of the E field, H field and power is presented.


Electromagnetic wave EM wave Shielding theory Shielding practice Shielding effectiveness Shielding barrier Skin effect Barrier penetration Shielding example E field shielding H field shielding Shield penetration 


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