Shielded Wires and Cables

  • George M. Kunkel


Shielded wires and cables are used within electrical and electronic system to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) within a system. The interference of concern is capacitive and inductive coupling from wire to wire. The termination of the shields for both capacitive and inductive coupling is critical and fully discussed. Shielded cables are often used to tie subsystems together to form a large system. The level of shielding by these cables can vary significantly, where various methods used to design the shields are discussed. The methods used to terminate the shields to ground are presented. These methods include referencing the shields to ground with wires brought through the interface connector as well as the use of back shells and connectors. The advantage and disadvantage of referencing the back shells to the outside and inside of an electronic system are thoroughly discussed. Coaxial cables and their use are thoroughly presented. This includes the shielding to the E and H fields.


Shielded wires Shielded cables Shielding effectiveness Shielding theory Shielding practice Ground reference Ground plane Capacitive coupling Inductive coupling Resistive coupling 


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