Coda: The Necessity of Thinking Geologically and Globally on Irish Grounds

  • Christin M. MulliganEmail author
Part of the Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies book series (GSLS)


Mulligan assesses the future possibilities for an anthropocenic aesthetics across genres and the value of “slow language” in both artistic and environmental terms. Such imaginative cartographies are a necessary mode for other contemporary writers, musicians, and artists to redraw biopolitical, affective, and gender boundaries. Creating Irish and diasporic “fifth provinces,” to borrow a phrase from The Crane Bag, permits adaptation and invention to reterritorialize Ireland as both real place and fantasy island, opening the symbolic field of what Partha Chatterjee has elsewhere called the “people-nation” to new possibilities of ideological and sociocultural actualization within and beyond geographical borders.


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