Demystifying “Millenarianism”: Oral Historical Evidence of Pukhtun Resistance and Colonial Warfare in the North-West Frontier of British India

  • Sameetah Agha
Part of the Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series book series (CIPCSS)


Based on previously unreferenced archival evidence, as well as Pukhtun oral testimonies collected during field research in Swat, this essay brings forth a chapter within the missing history of resistance on the North-West Frontier of British India. Moving beyond what might appear as the perception of resistance as merely yet another episode of armed revolt on the Frontier (1897 uprising in Swat), an array of complex dynamics is uncovered that was at play within the lived historical reality of colonial resistance. As such, this examination does not just push against caricatured colonialist images but also problematizes a potentially useful area of inquiry, that of millenarian movements as violent social protests against the conditions of colonial rule.

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