Optimal Design of Smarter Tourism User Experience Driving by Service Design

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 972)


The rapid development of information technology and the increasing individual demand of consumers have promoted the intelligent development of the tourism market. The service design concept has important research value for the user experience optimization of “smarter tourism”. This article takes Taierzhuang Ancient City as a research sample, focuses on designing and optimizing each contact point in the service blueprint, and sums up the complete scenic tour experience model. The results show that in the process of “smarter tourism”, it mainly involves two aspects: the efficient protection of scenic service and the degree of satisfaction with individual needs. The latter is the key to judging the satisfaction of scenic spot service. It can be seen that the “smarter tourism” user experience service needs to be improved, and more innovations can be launched in the future based on service contact points and service process optimization.


Smarter tourism User experience Service design 



This paper was completed during my graduate study. I would like to thank Professor Kong Fanqiang for his guidance and help. I would also like to thank the 10th AHFE International Conference in 2019 for providing a great platform for me to showcase my research results. I would like to thank my parents for accompanying me on the road to growth, thank you!


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