How to Prioritize Accessibility in Agile Projects

  • Fernanda PellegriniEmail author
  • Marcelo Anjos
  • Fabiana Florentin
  • Bruno Ribeiro
  • Walter Correia
  • Jonysberg Quintino
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 972)


The physical world has major challenges regarding accessibility, as many buildings were built over a long time ago. In the digital world, this barrier should be much smaller due to the recent digital technologies and their constant evolutions. However, it is very common to find websites with images without audio description, television programs without translation for singing languages and more. Even products that were developed specifically for people with disabilities have accessibility issues. The lack of accessibility awareness and knowledge about how to implement accessibility are key factors of these problems. In addition, we see that adoption of agile practices by software development teams often postpone the development of accessibility features. Because of that, we would like to discuss how to ensure accessibility even in early phases of software development.


Accessibility Agile projects Digital accessibility Digital inclusion 


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  • Walter Correia
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