Hybrid Manipulator Running Trajectory Prediction Algorithm Based on PLC Fuzzy Control

  • Yunsheng ChenEmail author
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Aiming at the problem of multi-band motion and multi-joint inflection point of hybrid manipulator, the conventional trajectory prediction algorithm cannot satisfy the fast analysis and accurate control of motion trajectory. This paper proposes a hybrid manipulator running trajectory prediction algorithm based on PLC fuzzy control. Based on newton-andrews law, the dynamic model of hybrid manipulator was built, and the dynamics of hybrid manipulator was analyzed and the dynamic characteristics were determined. PLC fuzzy control unit is introduced, based on the kinematics characteristics of hybrid manipulator, the relevant input and output variables of PLC fuzzy control unit are determined, and the fuzzy strategy is implemented and analyzed. The construction of a hybrid manipulator based on fuzzy control is completed. The test data show that the proposed prediction algorithm is better than the conventional prediction algorithm, and the accuracy is improved by 57.42%, which is applicable to the prediction of the operation trajectory of the hybrid manipulator.


PLC fuzzy control Hybrid manipulator Trajectory Prediction algorithm 


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