Glomerulopathies in the Elderly

  • Arunraj NavaratnarajahEmail author
  • Michelle WillicombeEmail author


The assessment of glomerular disease in the elderly has its own set of unique challenges. Issues range from controversies in the diagnosis and treatment of specific disease entities, the spectrum of multi-morbidity, to the competing balance of conservative care to maximise quality of life with more aggressive/interventional treatment options. The range of lesions and relative frequency of each individual histological lesion observed in the elderly patient biopsied for renal dysfunction is different to that observed in younger patients. This chapter focusses on the commonest glomerulopathies encountered in elderly patients, and reviews the available treatment strategies, with attention to the nuances to the older patient.


Glomerular disease Elderly Renal biopsy Immunosuppression Prognosis 


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