• Nicolaas P. J. Kriek


The introductory chapter provides a brief overview of the content of this book and highlights the various aspects related to the status and importance of bovine and zoonotic tuberculosis on the African continent. It outlines the history of the disease that appears to have been present for millennia, and the prevailing lack of information about its distribution, prevalence, control, and impact on the health and welfare of humans and animals in the different countries against the background of a changing understanding of its epidemiology internationally, and the emerging role of wildlife in sustaining the infection. In Africa, bovine tuberculosis remains a neglected disease because of the lack of the political will to control it as it is considered not to be important either in humans or in animals, and the lack of financial and human resources with sufficient competency to deal with it. It attempts to provide sufficient information to compel policy makers to deal with a disease with a profound impact on society, and ways in which to address the problem by applying the principles of the One Health approach, and the existing techniques at our disposal.


Africa Tuberculosis Zoonotic tuberculosis Bovine tuberculosis Neglected disease Wildlife 

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