Business Impact of the Imprecise Implementation of European Directives on Cross-Border Companies Restructurings

  • Beaneta Vasileva
Conference paper
Part of the Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics book series (EBES, volume 11/2)


The paper studies the business and economic impact on the application of Directive 2005/56 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (EU), which gives access to limited liability companies to cross-border restructuring and mobility in the European Single Market. More than a decade after the implementation of the Directive the differences in the national legislations still does not guarantee equal access to the companies. The paper studies the conflict of law rules in the national laws which affects the interests of creditors and illustrates the impossibility for the protection of their economic interest. The paper suggests a number of solutions for improvement of the existing legal framework.


Cross-border restructuring European single market Creditor protection Conflict of laws 


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  • Beaneta Vasileva
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  1. 1.Department of Social and Legal SciencesTechnical University of VarnaVarnaBulgaria

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