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  • Kolë Krasniqi
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The establishment of radical and extreme Islamist structures in Kosovo and their support secured by some intelligent services and foreign organizations operating in Kosovo pose a latent threat to national security. In addition to this danger, there are influences, among other things, by geopolitical developments in the Near East. In reality, the beginning of the civil war in Iraq and Syria was used as a pretext for fomenting jealousy and religious fanaticism in Kosovo, for physical attacks against “disbelievers,” and for propagating hatred against the USA and other Western countries. Meanwhile, after the establishment of the “Islamic State“, hundreds of volunteers recruited from Kosovo started to participate in various fronts of the war in Syria and Iraq, which was stimulated in various forms by certain religious structures and Turkish institutions operating in Kosovo, as “a legitimate and compulsory act for Muslims.” Thus, several “centers” were established for the recruitment of jihadists in Kosovo. According to some estimates, only about 1000 volunteers have been recruited from the Western Balkan countries to participate at the various fronts of the wars in Syria and Iraq. These assessments match the official data of the countries in the region. In this regard, Kosovo authorities have so far identified about 320 Kosovo citizens who have fought in the ranks of various (sometimes confronted terrorist) organizations such as the Islamic State, the Front al-Nusra, and Ahrar al-Sham. But there are also data on the participation of about 1000 volunteers from Kosovo on various fronts of the war in Syria and Iraq. Be that as it may, the mere fact that five times as many volunteers for the wars in Syria and Iraq stem from Kosovo compared with other European countries (and proportionately to population numbers) demonstrates at any rate that Kosovo is among those countries from which the highest number of volunteers for jihad hail on a global scale.


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