The Concept of Spirituality in Social Philosophy

  • B. A. ErshovEmail author
  • L. S. Perevozchikova
  • E. V. Romanova
  • I. A. Ashmarov
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The article deals with the problem related to human spirituality, its internal structure and contradictions in the social and philosophical aspects. Insufficient attention in modern Russian philosophy is given to the structuring, systematization and typologization of components that make up personal and social spirituality. Therefore, an analysis of the contradictions of human spirituality is important. Of particular importance now is the question of approaches to the problem of spirituality, which is considered in this article.

Particular attention is paid to the development of ideas about the spirit and spirituality on the example of philosophical currents, which examine this problem from different positions that illuminate this or that side of the subject of our study.

The article shows the most significant contradictions, the ratio of which contributes to the emergence of a particular type of spirituality. It should be emphasized that not only from existential and social contradictions, but also from cultural, political, economic, ethnic, psychological, physiological and biological and other contradictions, is the process of spiritual development of the individual.

It is shown that the contradictions between secular and religious spirituality are, rather, external in nature and are associated with a certain level of confrontation in the social, cultural and other spheres. The development of civilization is accompanied by the isolation of many spheres of spiritual life both of society and of personality.


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