Dynamics Loads in Stop Mode Logger with Cargo

  • V. F. PoletaykinEmail author
  • E. V. Avdeeva
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 139)


In article external dynamic loads of the case of a basic tractor and the working equipment of caterpillar loggers of classes of the loading capacity 25, 35, 63 kN are considered. At the movement through obstacles at the same time longitudinally angular fluctuations and the related external dynamic loadings in the longitudinally vertical plane arise two boards under the influence of forces of inertia of masses in the figurative movement. At the movement through an obstacle one board excites cross and angular fluctuations and external loadings in the lateral direction. The accounting of these loadings when performing calculations of durability of a metal construction and hydraulic actuator in the course of design of loggers allows to increase reliability of cars and efficiency of their use. In the analysis of loadings the assumption about the movement of a logger through obstacles of a cosinusoidal profile was accepted. The external loadings (entrance signals) arising thus change under the same law. By consideration of the linear dynamic systems submitting to the principle of superposition situation that loadings at the exit of system (output signals) change in time under the law of change of entrance influences (entrance signals) is accepted, but differ on frequency and are shifted on a phase on some corner. The received results allow making the analysis of dynamic loads of elements of a design of loggers of three classes of loading capacity taking into account influence of a number of factors (speed of the movement of the car, a type of the transported freight and others). The article presents the results of modeling the dynamics of the load on the working equipment and the body of the logger in stop mode the machine with the load taking into account the influence of the driving conditions.


Loggers caterpillar The case The working equipment Dynamic stop mode Load 


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