Spatial Segments of Technological Innovations in Russia’s Industry

  • Y. L. DomnichEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 139)


The problems of technological innovations structural changes remain a relatively small aspect of the Russian industry the structural dynamics. The study summarizes the results of dynamic analysis of value indicators of technological innovation structure in Russian industry in 2006–2016. At the present stage 2006–2016 we allocate periods of crisis, recovery and stagnation of Russian industry innovation sector development. The structural differences between the crisis (2006–2010), recovery (2011–2013) and stagnation (2014–2016) periods of innovation development of the Russian industry are analyzed. The most important regional and sectoral segments of technological innovations that have provided the greatest contribution to the innovative development of the Russian industry and make up the sectoral specialization of the national innovation system are detailed. The exclusive role of the machinery industry in maintaining and increasing the scale of innovation in the country’s industry is justified. Also, it is shown that no new industry specialization has been formed in the industrial complex, which can provide an alternative to the limited range of already existing in terms of innovation activity during last 11 years. As the second most important regularity, a significant increase in the innovative activity of regions with a modest industrial potential due to the normalization of the economic situation in the framework of the recovery period 2011–2013 was registered.


Russia’s regions Technological innovations Statistics of innovations Economic analysis 


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