The New Sodom and Gomorrah or an Antichristian of the 21st Century

  • A. BreitmanEmail author
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The article is an interpretation of two movies which deal with a topical issue of preserving Christian Convictions in the modern world. The movies under study are Dogville (2003) directed by a world-known and notorious Lars von Trier from a trouble-free Denmark and The Student (2016), directed by Kirill Serebrennikov from a less prosperous Russia, who is recognized in Russia and abroad as a theatre and cinema director of the new wave. If one contrasts Trier’s “pessimism” with Serebrennikov’s ‘optimism’ he may see a definite vector: the sustainability of Christian spiritual bonds is approaching a zero, but, if there is at least one ardent fighter against heresy in the town, even if he or she is far from being saint (ironically atheist or liberalist), there is still hope that ‘God is merciful’.


Christianity spirit Postmodernism Cinematograph Liberalism Atheism Individuality 


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