His Exile According to the Administrative Order to Arkhangel’sk Guberniia for Five Years

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


On August 1, the Governor once again ordered the delivery of Pëtr Vasil’evich to Elizavetpol’ under convoy. Upon his arrival, the Governor, without interrogation, put him into prison. On August 15, Pëtr Vasil’evich was transferred to Tiflis and was imprisoned in Metekh Castle in solitary confinement. No one was allowed to see him. His parents arrived, but all their efforts to meet with him were to no avail. On September 10, Pëtr Vasil’evich was secretly taken from Metekh Castle. At midnight, a covered wagon arrived at the castle accompanied by two gendarmes. The prison guard ordered Pëtr Vasil’evich to get dressed explaining that by a special order an official required to see him at the regional municipal office for interrogation. Not suspecting anything, Pëtr Vasil’evich got in the wagon and it drove on. As they were passing the regional municipal office, Pëtr Vasil’evich became frightened and he asked the gendarmes: “Where are you taking me? The office is behind us and it is midnight.” Realizing their behaviour was inhuman, the gendarmes tried to calm him down, saying: “Calm down, Pëtr Vasil’evich, nothing of harm will come to you, we are only transferring you to Dushet Prison three stations from Tiflis, on government order.” Pëtr Vasil’evich, believing them, calmed down. They arrived at the first station, changed horses, and drove on, then Pëtr Vasil’evich relaxed completely. They brought him to Dushet Prison. The gendarmes apologized, justifying their actions by higher government orders.

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