Death and Funeral of Pëtr the Lordly

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


On October 26, 1924, at 10.00 pm Pëtr Vasil’evich left Brilliant for Fruktovaia, Grand Forks, on a passenger train of the CPR railway line. After the train left Farron station, and within one mile from it, it exploded. It was the carriage in which Pëtr Vasil’evich was sitting that exploded. It happened at 1.00 am. An evil person placed a machine from hell under Verigin’s seat, a bomb which blew up the whole carriage. At that moment, he was asleep as a quiet angel, leaning on the arms rest without suspecting anything. His body was thrown about ten feet away from the carriage onto the railway embankment, where a tiny brook was flowing. Pëtr Vasil’evich lay with his face down on the left side of his face. The train still kept moving and the carriage was all on fire. After about 100 more feet the train stopped. In this way, Verigin’s body was spared from fire. There were two corpses of a woman and a girl of about 18 years old that completely burned in the carriage.

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