The Continuation of Prisoner Transport. The Last Words and Death of Vasiliǐ G. Vereshchagin

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


As I said before, our difficult journey continued like this until Nizhneudinsk. Nizhneudinsk is a regional town separated from Kansk by thirty prisoner transport stations. We stayed in Nizhneudinsk for two days and nights. The transport moved ahead on the third day. It was easier and better to walk as it snowed a little and it started freezing. On November 2, we arrived in Aleksandrovsk transport prison safely, thanks God. During the prisoner transport, we walked for 45 days (including the days when we stayed at the stations). We walked for over 800 miles. In Aleksandrovsk, we were placed in the central transport prison; we were to be transferred under the jurisdiction of the governor-general of Irkutsk. The Irkutsk governor-general ordered to send us to Iakutsk under the jurisdiction of Iakutsk governor Skripitsin. The transport of prisoners to Iakutsk was suspended in August. Therefore, we were kept in Aleksandrovsk for the winter. The prison director was a good person. For about two weeks, we were kept in the general barrack where 120 people were housed, and then the director placed us in a separate barrack, which had been previously occupied by political convicts, and there we felt free and well, and even conducted sobraniia prayer meetings on Sundays.

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