My Arrest and Life in Prisons

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


I remained free until September 22nd, and then an order was issued by the same Astaf’ev and the Assistant Prosecutor for me to appear in front of them in Karson September 22nd. Upon my arrival there, they arrested me and I was put into prison where Vereshchagin and brother Vasiliı were incarcerated. Arrested together with me were also Nikolaı Khudiakov, Fëdor Ryl’kov and Larion Taranov. We were all placed in the same cell where there were 20 prisoners from various groups already: Muslim, Armenians and Kurds. Since we were not yet accustomed to it, our cell seemed to us unpleasant and dismal, cramped, dirty and even lacking in God’s air. This prison was located in a fortress. When it was under the jurisdiction of Mukhtar-pasha, the Turkish governor-general of Kars, it housed a gunpowder warehouse, where gunpowder was stored. When this fortress was taken by the Russians, a different warehouse was constructed for gunpowder and the old storage space was converted into a prison. There were earth works around it, much higher than the prison itself, so you could not see anything from it. There was also very little light in the cell, and it was semi-dark there. The yard was tiny and we were let out to walk there for half an hour every day. One could not see anything from the yard, except for the sky. We were almost in a dungeon. Brother Vasiliı and Vereshchagin were held in solitary confinement and we had no access to them. We were allowed to wear our own clothes in prison.

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